Defense Systems

In June 1942, Harris, Randolph and Baldwin received its first defense related contract from the Submarine Signal Company on Atlantic Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts to manufacture in line condensation separators. The end of the war brought about a down turn in contracts coupled with an increase in competition. Raytheon Company acquired the Submarine Signal Company and moved many of its key personnel to Newton, Massachusetts. Steve Harris left the company to reestablish a printing operation and Paul Randolph and K. Baldwin relocated on Felton Street in Waltham Massachusetts.

The success had with the Submarine Signal Company and subsequent contracts opened the door for solid manufacturing partnership with Raytheon. Randolph and Baldwin worked around the clock at Raytheon’s direction in producing over 685 separate items for the original Hawk Missile, many of which are still inventoried at the Ayer, Massachusetts facility.

In 1957, Randolph and Baldwin was chosen as one of three recipients to receive the “Presidents Award”, presented by Charles F. Adams, for being “instrumental in the development and successful deployment of the Hawk Missile”. To this day Randolph and Baldwin continues to supply Hawk Missile spares.

The late sixties led to the development of SAM-D and its successful engagement in 1975 of a drone at the White Sands Missile Range. In 1978, Thomas Phillips, the CEO of Raytheon, presented Randolph and Baldwin with “The Supplier of the Year” award for efforts in the successful development of the Patriot Missile.

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Program Involvement

  • TRAC 170
  • Hawk
  • I-Hawk
  • Cobra Dave
  • Patriot
  • Cobra Judy
  • Standard Missile

  • Sparrow
  • CIWS/ Phalanx
  • Stinger
  • Phoenix
  • RAID
  • Trident
  • Eagle Eye
  • TPN19
  • M-RAID
  • WSKY6

  • SPS-49
  • TPQ-37
  • AEGIS System
  • GBR
  • DDG – Zumwalt
  • BMDS
  • Apollo
  • SPY-3
  • B52