Engineering & Design
We're experts in the value-added engineering and design
of complex projects and will find creative and
practical solutions to fit your requirements.
Engineering & Design
Specializing in complex engineering projects
Sheet Metal, Tube, and Pipe Fabrication.
Today's technology combined with 
hands-on engineered solutions will
help to meet your fabrication needs.
Water jet & laser cutting, bending, rolling & punching

Precision CNC Machining is the only way
to ensure parts can meet high tolerance
requirements. Let us machine your ideas
into a tight toleranced reality.

Vertical / Horizontal Multi-Axis CNC Milling, turning & drilling
Welding is an art.
We don’t have welders...
we have artists with
over 200 years of experience.
GTAW/TIG, GMAW/MIG, ERW, EB, brazing & soldering
Finishing & Processing
The finish of your order is as important
to us as the design and machining.
We ensure all your finishing requirements
will be certified to your specifications.
Finishing &
Blasting, heat treating, plating, painting & marking
Specializing in medium to large projects;
from hardware to gasketry we are equipped to
handle even the most complicated assemblies.
Electro-mechanical, hardware & gasketry
Assuredness in conformity demands
the best in equipment and professionals.
& Testing
CMM, ROMER Arm & NDT services

For 75 Years
A Legacy of Craftsmanship, A Future of Innovation

About Randolph and Baldwin

Randolph and Baldwin started in 1941, focusing on printing and repair of print machinery. At the onset of World War II, we shifted the company’s focus to defense-related manufacturing, landing our first contract with Submarine Signal Company. Raytheon Company acquired Submarine Signal Company after the war, and Raytheon has had an ongoing defense manufacturing partnership with Randolph and Baldwin ever since, together developing iconic projects like the Hawk and Patriot Missiles. Beyond the defense industry, Randolph and Baldwin also designs and manufactures parts for aerospace, marine & nautical industries including recent work with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on the The National Science Foundation’s Ocean Observatories Initiative.


  • Six Sigma
  • ISO 9001
  • Total QMS
  • In-Process Inspection
  • Lot Traceability


Randolph and Baldwin maintains near net-zero energy buildings with solar and geothermal energy production.


As a high level supplier of military components, Randolph & Baldwin’s facility maintains over 20 outdoor and indoor HD security cameras accompanied with perimeter antiintrusion fencing and monitored access key card point entries.

Randolph and Baldwin worked at Raytheon’s direction in producing over 685 separate items for the original Hawk Missile, many of which are still inventoried at the Ayer, Massachusetts facility. In 1957, Randolph and Baldwin was chosen as one of three recipients to receive the “Presidents Award”, presented by United States Secretary of the Navy Charles F. Adams, for being “instrumental in the development and successful deployment of the Hawk Missile”. To this day Randolph and Baldwin continues to supply Hawk Missile spares.

The late sixties led to the development of SAM-D and its 1975 successful engagement of a drone at the White Sands Missile Range. In 1978, Thomas Phillips, the CEO of Raytheon, presented Randolph and Baldwin with the “The Supplier of the Year” award for our efforts in the successful development of the Patriot Missile.

It is Randolph and Baldwin’s company mission to develop and manufacture equipment and products that will help the war fighter to achieve success in their mission to defend the United States interests at home and abroad.

In 2012, Randolph and Baldwin was asked to work with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in the development of specialized equipment for the Ocean Observatories Initiative. This activity expanded our staff, productions and facilities realizing a new division of Randolph and Baldwin designated as Ocean Systems.

The Ocean Systems mission is to work closely with customers to develop the strongest and most sea-worthy equipment in the market today.

The National Science Foundation’s Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) will lay the foundation for future ocean science observations and enable powerful new research capabilities by transitioning the oceanographic community from expedition-based data gathering to persistent, controllable observations using a suite of interconnected sensors. Ocean Systems is working with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, one of the primary implementing organizations, in the design and construction of several buoys and frames.